First Holiday Cards (S)

As Christmas approaches I’ve been on the lookout for some cheap cards and I’ve found some decent deals. Walmart and BJ’s had some pretty good cards at decent prices, and of course the dollar store has great prices, but the selection is just not up to snuff.

I’m one of those people who needs to find the perfect card so this is already becoming quite the task. I thought about attempting to take a photo of my cats next to our glowing fireplace and sending that as our Christmas card. I had signed Chuck’s names to the cards I sent out last year, but this year is different and I’d like it to be special.

I took a peek at Shutterfly‘s selection of photo holiday cards and was actually pretty surprise at how cheap they were. One page photo cards run as cheaply as 32 cents a card. We would need to send out about 50 cards, which puts us right in the middle of Shutterfly’s declining price scale. The more you buy the more you save.

We could get this card for for 63 cents a copy and for about $30 I have personalized high-quality cards.

Look! It already says the Andersons!

Though, I’m lucky if I get one photo of the cats in front of the fireplace. I doubt I’d get five. So in the case I can take a look at something like this. This card is 52 cents a copy so it would bring my cost down to $26.

So rustic!

Another great use for these cards is combining them with your wedding thank yous. Chuck and I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I’ve received a few of these cards in the past. Why send two sets of cards and spend double the money when you can thank your honored guests and wish them a happy holidays as well.

Now I just need to get my apartment decorated and convince the kitties it would a great idea if they took a nap in front of the fire.

This was a sponsored post.


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