Giving [Wedding] Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for, but being that this a blog about my wedding, I’m going to focus on my wedding gratitude.

My Parents: I’m thankful for their endless  love and emotional support. I’m thankful that they took time out of their busy lives to investigate reception and ceremony venues. I’m thankful for the financial support they are offering us in order to have a celebration that includes all of our friends and family and not just a select few. I’m thankful for things that haven’t even happened yet.

Chuck’s Parents: I’m also thankful for their endless love and emotional support. I’m thankful that they are always thinking of us and how to make our day better and easier. I’m thankful for their generous gift of their old Honda Accord, which helps Chuck and I more than we could ever imagine.

A lovely close up of me and my MOH

My Maid of Honor, Daniela: I’m thankful that we were able to grow up and mature into the best of friends. I’m thankful that she has taken on all the responsibilities of a maid of honor and then some. I’m thankful for her creative touch that she will bring to my wedding day.

My bridesmaids, Veronica, Chrissy, Katie, Savanna and Rebekah: I’m so thankful that they will be a special part of my wedding day. I’m so thankful for their love, support and willingness to do the most mundane tasks. I know that being a bridesmaid is expensive and time consuming and I’m so thankful that they are a part of my day.

My “High Priestess”, Alexis: I am so thankful that Lex has taken on one of the most important responsibilities of the entire day. Our ceremony is sure to be personal, heartfelt and include a few good laughs.

My wonderful memory capturing vendors, Sue Greico and Signature Video: Words can’t express how thankful I am that they are graciously working within my small budget. With their help we will be able to capture every moment and share these memories with our children and grandchildren.

My baker, Saverio Grosso: I’m so thankful that cousin Saverio will be making our wedding cake. A daunting task for someone who bakes as a hobby and not as a profession, he has accepted the challenge and I know it will be the greatest cake ever. (Btw, if you’re reading this, I just realized my wedding is the day after your birthday. I’m so sorry.)

My Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Riccardo: I’m thankful for their generous contribution toward our wedding invitations, which will be designed by my sister. It was such a small gesture, but it means so much.

My wonderful friends and family: I’m thankful for all of their love and kind words. I’m thankful for their advice and willingness to do anything to help.

At at Islanders game just a week or so after our first date almost 3 years ago.

My loyal blog readers: I’m so incredibly thankful for the people that read this blog. There aren’t many of you, but it means so much to me that you enjoy reading about my adventures planning this wedding. It makes me smile every day.

And most importantly,

My amazing fiance, Chuck: I am so thankful that whatever forces of the universe are out there brought us together. Every day he makes me smile and makes me endlessly happy. I am so thankful for his love and everything he does for me each day, from emptying the dishwasher to hugging me tightly when he knows I’m sad. I’m so thankful that of the millions of girls in the world, he chose me to be his wife. I’m so lucky to have found an amazing and wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with. I love you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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