The Ring Search

I started thinking about my wedding band recently. We haven’t gone shopping or anything yet, but I found myself browsing online.

With my little hands, I don’t need anything that is bulky and overwhelming. Since I’m going to wear it every day, I also want something that is simple and low maintenance, but complements my vintage engagement ring.

To find something vintage I began with the websites of local jewelers here in Raleigh. I clicked on “estate jewelry”, which is a nice way of saying, “someone sold this because they needed cash” or “Yes, this has been worn before so it is therefore, used.”

One site gave me the years in which the ring was most likely created. I didn’t bother looking at anything created after 1950  and I found a lot of beautiful hand engraved rings.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the site I was referencing in the above paragraph. That’s what I get for not bookmarking things.

Loving the idea of “conscious” jewelry, I gave this Brilliant Earth website a look and found this amazing ring that while not actually vintage, has engraving that is similar to my engagement ring. So far, it’s my fave.

This ring from Brilliant Earth isn't vintage but would complement my engagement ring well.

I scanned the pages of Etsy, my new favorite website, and found a couple of handmade rings that were also beautiful. Some of my favorites were also as cheap as $15.

This ring from Etsy artisan, debblazer, has that old feel I am looking for.

While my wedding is budget conscious, I’m trying not to let my inner Scrooge influence my choice of wedding band. These two rings are by far the most important elements of our day as they represent the vows that we will be exchanging. Even though they come with a price, they are priceless.


One thought on “The Ring Search

  1. The rings are merely symbols of what the day will be about- which is basically a fancy way of justifying how much or little you spend on them! lol. If you dont spend a lot, hey, they are just symbols! If you spend a lot, its because they are sacred symbols! lol….I think the ones shown here are all beautiful. You should just find one that suits you- one that you’ll feel comfortable wearing when you’re being a tom boy (like me) AND when you’re all dressed up to go out. I too chose a band that, i not only liked for itself, but seems to match my engagement ring perfectly. Enjoy searching for rings- it was one of my favorite parts!

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