Gettin’ Our Groove On

I’m not really worried about my wedding. I think that everything will fall into place and be just fine.

Except for the music.

I recently admitted to Chuck, and a few friends, that I was worried about how this iPod wedding was going to pan out. I was ready to nix the whole idea and just pay a DJ. Chuck convinced me that everything is going to be fine and doing it ourselves and is going to work out perfectly.

Whether I believe him or not, simple economics is keeping us going forward in our plan.

In an informal poll of my married friends, the average cost for DJ services was $1,300. I’m sorry, that’s almost two months rent for me. According to our catering manager, if we go with their DJ, the cost is about $700, which is within our $900 budget.

But, we did some more math.

5 hours worth of music only consists of 100 songs. If Chuck and I had to purchase 5 hours worth of music from iTunes it would amount to about $129 (100 songs X $1.29, which iTunes now charges). Factor in our own music collections and the cost comes down.

While my friend is doing double duty as marriage officiant and MC, I don’t want her worrying about manning the “DJ booth”, so we would hire someone that for $100 wouldn’t mind hanging out and making sure everything is playing properly. A DJ, if you will.

For $230, how can you not give it a shot?

Now I just need to create a playlist. Suggestions???


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Our Groove On

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  2. As long as there is someone to monitor the iPod and you don’t have to worry about it yourself on the day, it should work fine. But have a back up! Use a friend’s iPod to have on reserve with your playlist ready to go, just in case!

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