Wedding Whip

While chatting with my mom last week she asked me about the logistics of how we would be getting around on our wedding day.

“Well, we don’t have money in the budget for a car, so everyone is just going to have to drive themselves,” I told her, adding that if I had to drive myself to my own wedding I’d do it.

Chuck and I will be riding in style in my 2009 Subaru Imprezza. It seats five!

We’ve been cutting a lot of traditional wedding elements because of our tight budget, but one of the most dramatic cutbacks will be the lack of transportation.

Traditionally, the bride and groom would rent a stretch limo or two to shuffle their wedding party and close relatives to and from where ever they need to go. Sure, we’d LOVE to do that. But, we don’t have the money for it.

Admittedly I didn’t price out limo rentals on Long Island because we knew we’d be cutting it right off the bat. But, the last time I rented a limo was for prom 10 years ago.

For a stretch passenger limo, our cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,100. I don’t remember exactly, because the limo never made it to my house. The idiot didn’t leave Queens until like 6pm and was stuck in traffic on the Southern State Pkwy (You Long Island brides know how what I’m talkin’ about).  So after my friend Tiffany’s mom screamed at him and my father calmly told him to turn around and not to bother, we all kept our money and I arrived at prom in a Toyota 4Runner.

And that was cheap. Too cheap to be true, cheap. But I can safely say that having two limos for four hours would cost us way more than the $900 that my budget calculator came up with.

We considered just renting a nice car for the two of us, which we may still do if we can get a good rate for the day, but it seems sort of pointless to spend money on a car we’ll only spend a few hours driving. I’d rather put that money toward paying for the car I currently drive and still owe money on.

How did you get to and from your wedding?


5 thoughts on “Wedding Whip

  1. When it comes to your guests, dont worry about how they will or wont get around. Thats for them to figure out. And I know it sounds terrible, but, if you dont have a car/limo/bus/plane, SOME big vehicle to transport your bridal party around, then you just have to treat them as regular guests. Meaning, they will get where they need to go however they plan to get around.

    The great thing about getting a limo, and hiring professionals for your wedding, is not cause you NEED it. The biggest thing is just that it takes the stress out of it for you. Your wedding is gonna be SO stressful (sorry to say) and its nice knowing you paid someone to take care of things for you, and you dont have to run around asking “did grandma get a ride?”, “Can you make sure Bob gets a good picture of the cake cutting?” etc. So, if you think stress will be a big factor for you then for that sake, if you can get an affordable big car, then do it. But if not, just tell everyone theyre on their own…although it’s not an excuse to be late! lol

  2. I didn’t hire a limo either. It wasn’t in the budget and Rob & I only needed a ride from the hotel we stayed in the night before to the catering hall. we were having our ceremony and reception at the same place. it would be pointless to hire a limo for just the 15 minute drive down the street. So, we planned on having someone drive us. Probably one of our parents…i just knew i didn’t want to drive ourselves.
    the morning of the wedding, my friend sara’s mom (sara steiner from mville) offered to drive us. her parents were here for the wedding and since they didn’t need to be at the hall at 8am for pictures, she just acted as our chaffeur. Funny enough, she had a big white van that was nice and clean inside and a bright clean white on the outside. it almost felt like a limo. rob and i saw each other prior to the ceremony but we didn’t get ready together. we met up after getting ready to see each other for the first time. so, when we went to the hall, sara’s mom was great. she didn’t even talk to us on the ride – she let us have what she knew would be our ONLY few minutes all day to be alone, have some peace and quiet, and to talk to each other. it was one of the best moments of my entire wedding day having those 15 minutes alone with Rob before we said “i do”. and trust me, on the ride there i never once thought “i wish i were in a limo”.

    • Wow, that’s really awesome the way it turned out and it was really nice of Sara’s mom to drive you guys around. I’m sure it must have been really nice to spend that time alone together. Our ceremony and reception locations are 15 minutes away from each other. The ceremony location is about 15 minutes from my house/the hotel so we would be paying for a limo for a grand total of 30 minutes worth of driving. It just doesn’t seem worth it. If we were doing more traveling, I’d probably try to find room in the budget, but in this case, it just doesn’t make sense.

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