Simple [and Cheap] Favors

While I’m still mulling over which charity to give our wedding donation to, I know that I have to do something to let people know about said donation.

My friend Christine donated to both a cancer and heart disease charity in honor of some close family members who had passed away. She wrote a little poem (I helped!), printed it on nice card stock, rolled it up and tied it with a ribbon. My friend Toni took a photo of her Siberian husky, Yuki, to accompany a little note that told us her donation would be going to a charity benefiting the breed.

My coworker Ashley filled these DIY favors with peanuts for her son's baseball-themed birthday party.

I figured I’d do something similar until my coworker came in with these favors she made for her son’s baseball-themed 3rd birthday party.

She found the template on (I promise I’ll give credit to the vendor oncemy friend finally gives me the link) and had the artist personalize it. For $8 she got a sheet of these personalized tags, which she printed out on heavy cardstock.

The plastic bags were a few dollars for 100 from Michael’s and she filled them with peanuts before sealing the bag with the tag using double sided tape. For about $20 she made these adorable favors that went perfectly with her party.

Instead of peanuts, we’d fill the bags with M&M’s or maybe salt water taffy. Though, the taffy would be a much higher price than a giant bag of M&M’s from BJ’s. It’s a thought in progress.

The front of the favor would say something to the effect of: Thank you for sharing our day. A donation in your honor has been given to [insert charity here]. The back would have our names and the date.

Chuck and I did the math and we figured that doing this would cost about 20 cents each. No offense to the graphic artist that made this template, but I could definitely save a few bucks by doing something like this myself. I’m not a wiz with Photoshop, but I can do something simple that would suit our needs just fine. That would save us the $8 for the template bringing the cost down to practically nothing.

If you gave your favor to charity, how did you tell your guests?


4 thoughts on “Simple [and Cheap] Favors

  1. hi again! ok, have you considered using a candy that’s beach/marine/summer themed? there’s a great list here, for ideas ( i thought of lemonheads, right away–are you still doing using yellow as your other color?

    my friend gave a donation as her favor and was lucky enough to have her wedding during the christmas season, so she was able to do themed everything.

    simple & cheap centerpieces, too.

    • Honestly, since we just started talking about it, we didn’t really give the candy selection too much thought. But, these are awesome!! I’m definitely going to look through this site and find some fun summer candy. I think salt water taffy would be fun, but I’m trying to keep the cost down, because I don’t want to take away from the actual donation, ya know?

      Those centerpieces are similar to what we plan, but on a smaller scale.

      Thanks!!!! I love all of your comments.

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