Becoming a Bud

To be honest with you, the best part about planning my wedding is blogging about it.

Over the past four months I’ve really enjoyed sharing my experiences with everyone that passes through here. The fact that you continue to read my silly posts and comment to offer your advice makes me happy beyond words. If I could do this for a living I totally would, because I’ve found something that really makes me happy every day.

I applied to be a blogger on Bridal Buds, a blog that offers advice for both engaged brides and newlyweds, because I thought that was what my blog was all about.

Yesterday, they contacted me to find out if I was still interested. Hell yeah I am!

The greatest part about writing for this blog is I can use posts from this blog for that one, so I still get to maintain the baby that I’ve been nursing since I got engaged.

So I hope you’ll keep passing through and reading all the silly I stuff I write about. It means so much to me that you do : )


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