Centerpiece Takeover

Chuck and I have been collecting our glass jars for about two weeks now. We have seven of varying sizes. My awesome bridesmaids have even started collecting them as well.

Last week my parents caught me on Skype and took the opportunity to show me the glass vases that my future MIL – who was also at my parents’ house – found for 60 cents a pop at AC Moore.

The sucky thing about video chatting is you can’t hide your emotions so my father took my, But-I-Was-Just-Going-to-Use-These-Free-Glass-Jars-look for a look of distaste.

“You don’t look, pleased,” he said.

“No, it’s not that,” I stammered. “We’ve just been collecting these jars [turns computer toward shelf with glass jars] and we were going to use these so I’m just a little surprised.”

Chuck and I started collecting glass jars to use for our wedding. Not bad for just two weeks of saving.

The vases were really pretty and a great size so we will definitely plan on using them, but now I’m stuck with glass jars that I’m trying to find a use for.

Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Centerpiece Takeover

  1. the obvious: use the jars as vases/holders for flowers, candy, corks, random decorative items.

    the tacky: make colored water in them with highlighters and buy a black light

    the awesome and sweet: make collections in each one to represent different parts of your lives together, so you can display something personal and interesting without making guests uncomfortable or having 100 pictures of you and chuck around. i saw this on Young House Love, and have been dying to do it ever since (i bought the mason jars but wound up sticking rosemary plants in them to use as centerpieces at our housewarming bbq, and the plants are–amazingly–still alive). YHL post:

    • No joke, I LMAO’d when I read the highlighter suggestion. I haven’t thought about that in years.

      And oh my god! That’s a friggen’ fantastic idea!! Done. That’s what I’m doing with them now. Thank you!

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