Fabulous Facinator

While trying on wedding gowns, my consultant, Michelle, asked if I’d like to try on a veil. I told her I was going sans veil, opting for just a flower in my hair. She ran away and came back with this adorable facinator that looked fantastic with my dress.

But, I didn’t buy the head piece because I figured for $50 I could buy something from Etsy.com that was handmade. Plus, I wanted to check out my options.

And options were aplenty when Chuck and I took a trip to the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville last weekend. What Renn Faire isn’t complete with a shop offering feathered wares?

When I spotted this artisan, Feathers for Pleasure, I hit the facinator jackpot. I sent Chuck off to go to boy things because I knew I’d be in there for a while. My eyes immediately went for a bright blue piece and it looked fantastic. I then tried on a white feathered piece, with a hint of color provided by one single peacock feather.

I weighed my options. I could go for the more bridal headpiece or my “something blue”. I finally put down the “something blue” because all I could think of was Carrie Bradshaw’s dead blue-bird. Granted, this facinator did not look like a dead bird on the side of my head, but I couldn’t shake the comparison.

Best part about my find? My hand-made, 16th century-inspired headpiece only cost me $19.


My awesome vintage-inspired wedding headpiece courtesy of the Carolina Renaissance Festival




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