The Good Book

When I was a bridesmaid in my friend Veronica’s wedding, the one skill I could offer her was organization.

She had her entire wedding in one of those expandable files and admitted it was often hard finding the important paperwork she needed. Big companies make oodles of money marketing these hefty wedding binders that are suppose to keep you uber organized. Truth be told, they’re a little clunky and in some cases, kind of expensive.

So, we took a ride to Staples where I grabbed a binder, some pocketed folders, a few of those write-on tabs and some loose-leaf paper. When I was done she had a binder that held only the most important paperwork and the rest was kept in her expanding file.

She was thrilled and I was actually pretty impressed with myself. That was a pretty nifty system I came up with.

When it came time for my own wedding, I purchased a nice expanding file to keep all my print-outs, large catalogs and magazine tear-outs in. As I began to accumulate official paperwork I realized it was time for me to put my own wedding binder together.

Using an old binder I already had laying around the house, I bought these colored pocket folders, which set me back about $8 for two packages of eight. I gave a few to Chuck to use for his resumes and transcripts so I have 12 double sided pockets. I happen to have a love-affair with office supplies so I can’t help but buy the fancy stuff. If you’re looking to save some money, clear sheet protectors work just as well.

I have pockets for everything that requires any kind of signed paperwork, which is pretty much every aspect of our wedding. I only keep the necessary forms in these pockets so I can find them quickly and easily. This includes contracts, menus and emails between me and my vendors.

It sounds like such a stupid thing, but I firmly believe that organization is key for staying a happy bride and sparing your friends and family the bridezilla attitude.

On the front of my wedding binder is the engagement announcement designed by my talented sister.


I'm a geek and love office supplies so I spent more than I should have on these colored pocket folders.

What are your organizational secrets? Leave a comment or email me at


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