I Love the Pockets!

I’ve been in three weddings over the course of my 27 years on earth and I was lucky enough to not have been forced to wear some hideous dress. All I wanted was for my bridesmaids to be comfortable and to find something they could actually wear again (though, we all know that will never happen, but I had good intentions.).

Being that my bridesmaids are all shapes and sizes, I told them they could pick whatever dress they like as long as they are all similar in length. I had settled on yellow and blue as a color scheme, until I decided that I didn’t like the light blue David’s Bridal had to offer. My only other option was the same blue I donned for my friend’s wedding as her bridesmaid so that was out. I knew a few of my girls weren’t keen on yellow and I’m not the kind of girl to force anything on them just because I had a vision.

Truth be told, I didn’t have much of a vision so it was easy for me to tell the girls to work together to decide on a color. As long as it was light and summery, I could figure out a way to work it into the color scheme of my wedding.

Their dress appointment was the same day as mine and once I had decided on a wedding dress, we all ran off to the racks where they girls pulled an array of dresses in a rainbow of colors to try on.

I have no proof of this, but I think it’s safe to say that this was probably the easiest bridesmaid appointment David’s Bridal has ever encountered. Within about 20 minutes the girls all decided on this knee-length strapless number in light blue. The same light blue I didn’t like on the website actually looked great in person.

Given the option to pick their own unique dress, my bridesmaids all settled on this frock from David's Bridal

The feature that sold them on the dress? The pockets.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous my dress doesn’t have pockets.


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