Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Until I actually got engaged, I was positive of the girls that would be standing beside me. There was no question. When I got engaged and realized that my casual,  low-key wedding was actually going to take place I wondered, should I even have a bridal party and if I do, who should be in it?

When I was a child, friendships were hard. I was often teased and had very few friends that I could trust. As an adult, I am incredibly lucky to have many women I consider sisters. If I gave all these women the bridesmaid title, I’d have about 10 girls standing beside me.

Since one of these 10 girls is getting married herself, we decided together that we’d cut each other from the lineup. We then opted to King Solomon our four mutual friends as to not burden them with two weddings within the same four months. It sounds sort of mean and in most groups of girlfriends it wouldn’t work. My girls are cool and laidback without a catty bone in their body.

Including my maid of honor, I have six attendants. Not knowing when I’d be back to New York and having already decided that Chuck and I would forgo an engagement party, I decided to get a little crafty when asking my girls if they would stand beside me on my wedding day.

I headed to the scrapbooking department of Michael’s and soured the entire store for anything that said “Bridesmaid”. Yeah, turned out Michael’s is sorely lacking in this area.

So, I grabbed a couple of packages of wedding-like flowers (this took another 30 minutes) and began fumbling with my printer settings so that I could print a short and sweet message on a 3 x 5 index card.

Chuck asked me to marry him and now I’m asking you to be a part of our wedding day. Will you be my bridesmaid?

I didn’t want to pressure the girls so I made sure I added this little Editor’s Note at the bottom.

No hard feelings if you can’t. You’ll still be one of my best friends.

I then used the scrapbooking flowers to decorate the card and then carefully popped it in the same envelope as our engagement announcements. Of course I would have loved to ask the girls in person, but considering the situation, I thought this was a good alternative.

Seeing as I couldn't ask my friends to be my bridesmaids in person, I got a little crafty.


How did you ask your girls to be your bridesmaids?



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