Saying the Vows and a Place to Party

In a previous blog post, I wrote down my schedule for my busy and crazy wedding Saturday. It lived up to its name.


The Party Room! That dance floor is going to be packed!


Bright and early, Chuck, his parents, my mom and I were on our way to Trio to meet with Kim, co-owner and catering manager. She answered all of my questions and I could see why my parents were so happy with the venue. She was so easy-going and flexible.

The only issue that presented itself was when I was informed that along with our beer and wine, which was included, there would be a cash bar for liquor. I was a little shocked – and didn’t hide it well – and now I’m trying to find out where this stands on the tacky meter (advice is encouraged and welcome).

Otherwise, I’m happy with the choice of venue, which was ultimately my parents’. I took a slew of pictures that I plan on sending to my most creative friends for feedback as to how we can decorate on a $300 budget.

Afterward, we made the 15 minute drive to the Long Island Maritime Museum, where we will be holding our ceremony. With the exception of the water that was a bit….swampy, I thought it was fantastic (Those of you that are familiar with the Great South Bay, you know that swampy is the norm in most areas, but as you can see from the photo, the view is spectacular…if you don’t get too close).


Instead of my mother and my future in-laws, I will be standing next to Chuck, right, with this view as our backdrop.


I felt some resistance from my mother and my future in-laws, with my mother proclaiming that she can’t picture a wedding there, but would be a great spot for pictures. At my mother’s and the groom’s urging we headed about 5 minutes down the road to Sayville Beach and Marina to check out another possible location.

While the area was better kept (considering the taxes in the Town if Islip, it better be) and the water less swampy, the view wasn’t nearly as great. I was also concerned about the amount of people that we would be sharing the space with. It was a beautiful day and it was quite busy in the play area next to our prospective ceremony location.


While the beach was nicer, the few had lots to be desired.


I decided to interview this sweet old lady who said that while the play area tends to be busy, the spot we would be saying our vows would be quiet. She wished us well and told us we’d have a beautiful wedding.

With me heading off to try on wedding gowns, Chuck and I didn’t get to spend any alone time together until we headed over to Trish’s, our favorite restaurant and the place of our engagement (they actually remembered us!). I asked him what the thought about our ceremony location choices. When he told me he would be happy with the museum, I began to bombard him with, “Are you sure?” and “Are you just saying that because you know I like it?” for about five minutes straight.

He finally convinced me that he does in fact want to say our vows there, but that didn’t stop me from asking a few more times.

Finally seeing the venues in which my day will take place has made it all the more real and all the more exciting. My little notebook is beginning to fill with DIY ideas to make both places look great.

I’m just hoping I can pull it off.

Were your parents not-so-thrilled about your choice of venue? How did you handle it?


One thought on “Saying the Vows and a Place to Party

  1. re: cash bar
    is the bar in a separate area from where the reception will be or are they saying they are going to bring in a liquor bar/cart and charge people for the goods?

    if your room will have beer & wine but nowhere to acquire liquor within it, then it think it’s totally ok–plenty of places have a separate “real” bar or restaurant in addition to party rooms (my place did!). if they are trying to tell you that your guests will be served beer and wine from/at the same place where they can also pay for liquor, you may have to rearrange that somehow, so it’s less “in your face.” most people don’t take much cash to a wedding, so it might be weird for them to be presented with that option off the bat.

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