“I Think This is the One”

“I’m really nervous,” I told my friends Veronica and Katie as I waited a few minutes for the rest of my entourage to show up at David’s Bridal.

Part of me was nervous because I was finally doing something I have been dreaming about for years. The other part of me was nervous because I was sure that this was going to be like every other shopping trip I’ve ever been on, which usually leaves me depressed and vowing to hit the gym more often.

But when I finally began to slip into the first few prospective wedding dresses, the self-consciousness melted away and I was having an amazing time. One by one I put on a dress and looked at the faces of my bridesmaids, my mother and my future mother-in-law for reactions.  Most were positive some were not. We laughed, made jokes and no one cried.

One of the 15 or so dresses that I tried on at David's Bridal. This is not the dress I chose, but was definitely one of my top choices.

As Michelle, my consultant, began narrowing down the dresses from a general idea to something more specific, the task became harder and harder. Each dress was better than the last, until we finally came to the last one.

I had put aside my four favorites, in which the last – a bright-white and airy gown with a corset back – was included. As much as I liked the dress, it was a size too small so I had trouble picturing it on my body. All I could see were my imperfections. I also decided that it was too formal for my waterfront wedding.

I put on the other two, one of which was a Greecian goddnes inspired dress that was mentally the front-runner of the bunch the moment I tried it on. It was so light and different that I fell  in love with it. Until I tried it on again. After trying on five dresses after it, it no longer held the same punch.

My favorite was the last dress (sorry, my wonderful fiance does read by blog so I have to leave out the details) and I instantly felt right in it. It was light, airy and perfect for my beach wedding. While some of the other dresses may have been more figure flattering (hello Jessica Rabbit tits and hips!), they weren’t right for me.

Lucky for me, I happen to catch David’s Bridal during their fall sale so every dress that I tried on was under budget. I had $700 allocated for my dress and any alterations, which if I found a dress in my size would have only been a hem. Of course, if I found THE dress, I would have fudged my budget a bit, but I didn’t have to worry.

With my mind made up, Michelle and I peaked at the price while in the dressing room. My dream dress was only $299.00. Can we say HELL YEAH? With my job complete, I ran off with my bridesmaids to find their dresses, while Michelle began to work on the order. I had planned to have the dress shipped to Raleigh so that I could do any fittings here.

She grabbed me as I ran past and informed me of a problem. “The dress is discontinued. We can’t order it. If you want the dress, you’ll have to take that one.” I looked at her and with all seriousness in my voice said, “I’ll take the dress with me today.” Aside from a hem and a built in bra, the dress was my size and fit perfectly.

Because the dress was discontinued, David’s Bridal took another $50 off, making my dream dress $249.00 and well under budget.

While I’m not so confident with how my flabby arms are looking in my dress, I am confident that I might pull this whole thing off under budget. As long as I can keep cutting costs and start doing some yoga again, I think I’ll be trim and less broke than expected when this whole thing is over.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was all about the birdcage veil, so I tried one on and to my amazement, I could actually pull it off. Though, it didn’t go with my dress, so I nixed the idea. But,  I’m off to do some Etsy.com browsing for an awesome vintage inspired headpiece.



3 thoughts on ““I Think This is the One”

    • LOL no, that’s not a picture of the dress. That was one of the ones I tried on and I think was in my top 5 or so. But honestly, if it happens I won’t freak out about it. My parents walked down the aisle together so I don’t really believe in the bad luck aspect of it. Considering our ceremony site, which is all open, he might end up catching a peak of me in it before I walk down the aisle anyway.

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