Mamma, I’m Comin’ Home

Moving out and then coming home is definitely a bit weird. It’s not like when I went away to college and came home every weekend to see my bedroom still mostly in tact with the majority of my belongings.

With the exception of the winter clothing I plan on taking back to Raleigh with me in my empty suitcases, most of my stuff is with me in North Carolina. My sister moved into my old room and her room has become the guest room where, I, the guest, am sleeping.

To make things even stranger, the nature of our plans required Chuck and I to stay at our respective parents’ house. So here we are, back on Long Island, and back to the way things were. Chuck dropping me off, walking me to the door and saying goodnight to go sleep in his own bed at his parents’ house.

It’s definitely weird, but it’s good to be back too. I got to see the majority of my friends yesterday and I will see my entire family, plus some more friends today. I love living with Chuck, but I am a social person by nature so I require spending time with the friends I hold so dearly. So, it’s a bit lonely in Raleigh and getting to see my friends and family has been wonderful and uplifting.

It’s the feeling I know that I will have on my wedding day and the reason why I decided to come back to Long Island to have it here. I could have very easily planned the entire day to be in North Carolina, where my money would go much further, but by doing so, I know that I will inevitably leave out most of the people that make me happy. It’s definitely worth the extra stress and planning to have all these people share the day.


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