Wild Wedding Saturday

The hardest part about planning a wedding from afar is the inability to do things in person. If it weren’t for my parents taking the initiative to check out a few wedding venues then this weekend would be even more packed than it already is. In the case of my ceremony and reception venue, I’m going on blind faith that the people that recommended it are right.

Chuck and I were able to snag a much earlier flight into Long Island tomorrow so we’ll have some time to relax and eat a few slices of pizza before the weekend begins. I even scheduled a hair cut for Friday night because I have yet to find someone I trust like Keri.

At 10am on Saturday we’re heading to Trio, our reception venue to check out the location and meet with the catering manager. I’ve been there once – about 12 years ago – so it’ll be nice to take a good look at it now that it’s under new management. I also have a slew of questions I need to ask so I plan on going with notebook and pen in hand.

Once we’re done there, we are hightailing it to the Long Island Maritime Museum where we will be having our ceremony. Since their program manager was getting married herself this week, she won’t be available to answer any questions, but I will get a chance to walk around, take pictures and envision where our vows will be said. While I’ve passed by the museum numerous times, I’ve never actually been there and took my friends at their word that the venue is spectacular.

With maybe an hour left to kill after that, I will mull over the decision if I should eat anything before heading to David’s Bridal to try on wedding gowns. I’m already feeling not-so-sexy, if you get my drift, and eating before trying on clothes always made the task way more difficult. We have a back-to-back appointments with my dress and the bridesmaids dresses so it’ll be a long afternoon.

Aside from wedding stuff, there are also friends to be seen and a family party to be attended. It’s going to be exhausting, but I’m looking forward to it. Planning a wedding from another state, I would assume, feels much different that doing it locally, where you can do most of planning yourself. In my case, my parents did most of that for us.

I’m incredibly grateful for that because it alleviates a lot of stress and travel, but at the same time, I feel sort of detached from the whole process. Former brides might envy me, but I think that’s part of the fun.

Blog and pictures to come after the weekend is done.


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