Forgetting the Veil

I’m not much into veils. I feel like they are way to formal for an informal person, such as myself. I decided to forgo the traditional veil a long time ago, opting for a pretty clip or flower. My mother went this route, so maybe it’s genetic.

But, lately, the more birdcage veils I see, the more I like them. While I wasn’t much into veils, I am very much into anything vintage and the birdcage veil has vintage written all over it.

Since I have yet to even try one on, the deciding factor might just be how I actually look in one of these things. I might look ridiculous and that’ll solve that problem. Since I tend to look stupid in anything fashionable and trendy, this will probably be the case, but in the meantime, here are a few I thought were cute.

This is what I was originally going for when I envisioned my hair for my bay-side wedding.


From Brenda’s Bridal Veils on Etsy


I’m loving the color in this one.






3 thoughts on “Forgetting the Veil

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  2. I’ve already decided against wearing a veil as well…and I haven’t even started looking at dresses. I like the bird cage veil, but I don’t think I can pull it off. I have a very thick head of (naturally curly) hair that I’m hoping I can have an awesome hairstyle to make up for the fact of being veil-less.

    • I didn’t think I could pull it off either. In general, anything trendy looks pretty stupid on me. I was surprised that it looked great, but it has to be with the right dress. My dress is more Renaissance-themed, than vintage. When you try on dresses, give one a shot. You never know!

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