Tip: Budget Ring Cleaning

I’m one of those girls that isn’t afraid to wear my engagement ring. You’d think I would be considering the diamond was Chuck’s grandmother’s and the band is a 100-year-old antique. But, with the exception of in the shower and when I’m putting on moisturizer – most of the time – the ring is always on my finger.

Gets your dishes and your engagement ring sparkly clean!

After four months of wearing it every day, it was starting to get a little grimy. I did a quick Google search to see if I could find some hints as to how to clean my ring with a normal household product rather than spending money on some ring cleaner.

An old discussion board thread popped up, with most of the posters claiming Dawn dishwashing detergent did wonders. So into the kitchen I went and filled a cup with Dawn and some warm water and let the ring soak while I wiped down the kitchen counters. Afterward, I scrubbed it a little with a toothbrush and rinsed with warm water.

Let me tell you, I’m sold. My diamond has not sparkled this much since Chuck picked it up from the jeweler after getting it reset.

Best part, it cost me NOTHING.


2 thoughts on “Tip: Budget Ring Cleaning

  1. I use toothpaste! I had heard about it here and there but wasn’t sold on the idea until my Aunt swore up and down that it works! She said she’s been doing it for like 20 years. She said the toothpaste is abbrasive enough to clean away tough grime (like if you wear your rings while making meatballs, lol) but soft enough where it won’t damage the ring. I wear my ring it seems even more than you…I even wear mine in the shower and putting on hand cream. I almost never take my ring off. So mine really does get dirty sometimes. The first time I used the toothpaste, I saved a recent toothbrush after switching to a new one. Don’t use a toothbrush you used to scrub soap scum out of the shower tile grout though. I brushed the whole ring and after rinsing it, it shined so brightly! So, if you run out of dawn, that’s a good trick too! Next time, i’m going to try the dawn trick since I have some at home anyway!

    • People on the board mentioned toothpaste too! I was a little concerned about it because of how thick it is. I’ll definitely have to give it a shot. Honestly, the only reason why I don’t wear it in the shower is the fear of losing the diamond down the drain. I feel like a sink drain is a little more forgiving if you drop something down it whereas the shower drain is just scary. And to be even more honest with you, if it wasn’t his grandmother’s stone, I’d probably wear it in the shower. My wedding band I fully plan on wearing all the time, but considered the extra sentimental value of my engagement ring, I’m a little more careful. I just grabbed a new toothbrush that we had in a 2-pack that Chuck got at the dollar store. I have to make sure it stays in a safe place so it doesn’t get mistaken for the grout brush. Though….I don’t expect Chuck to be cleaning grout anytime soon.

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