In the Center

Flowers are expensive. And because of that, I plan on using as few of them as possible for my wedding. Aside from the bouquets and a few boutonnières, I don’t plan on using any for my wedding decor, including the centerpieces.

I’ve always been a fan of the large vase filled with sand and seashells. Add a large candle and you have a fairly inexpensive centerpiece that adds a little ambiance.  Being that I’m getting married on an island, I figured I could save even more money buy just heading down to the beach with a few buckets and a shovel. Though, I’ll admit, I’m not exactly sure if taking sand from a town/county/state park is actually legal. Getting arrested for stealing sand would make an awesome news story, though.

Sorry, anyway…Chuck and I were in Michael’s one day and I found silver pails. Suddenly I got a great idea. I could plant beach grass in the pails and use that as my centerpiece for my beachy wedding. My friend Christine’s husband owns Martin Landscaping and he said he could get me beach grass for between $12 and $15 a bunch. I have yet to figure out how large a bunch is. I’ll admit, my great idea needs a little more fine-tuning.

I’m also not sure how many tables I’m working with. Chuck and I are having a cocktail reception so while we’ll have enough tables and chairs to seat every person at the wedding, these tables could be big tables, small tables, rectangle tables, etc.

Mental note: Ask what kind of tables will be used for the reception when I visit the catering hall in two weeks.

My favorite centerpieces were actually picked out by my friend’s husband. She’s a fellow beach lover and got married at Crescent Beach Club in Bayville. They took my vase filled with sand and candles to a whole ‘nother level.

Believe it or not, the groom picked out these amazing centerpieces.

As I get increasingly eco-conscious I’d like to think of something that could be reused by whichever one of my Italian family members shotties the centerpiece first. Oh no centerpiece hot potato for me. You kids can fight amongst yourselves for it. That’s much more entertaining.

Describe your dream centerpiece in this comment section below or email me at


2 thoughts on “In the Center

  1. “I’m getting married on an island” my ass… its Long Island theres a beach but its not tropical. I love how you get carried away with it though 😉

    • Maybe if I keep telling myself that it’s an Island it’ll magically turn into some warm tropical island with blue waters and soft sand.

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