Cordially Invited

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about my wedding invitations lately. I have a good 6 months before they have to be sent out, but I’ve been consumed with the idea for a couple weeks now.

Going DIY with my invitations is a no brainer. I don’t have $500 in my budget to spend on invitations and even if I did, I still wouldn’t spend $500 on a dead tree that is just going to be thrown out anyway.

I mean c’mon, how many invitations have you kept after the wedding you attended was over? I’ve been to about 15 weddings and I don’t have one invitation to account for.

(OK, that’s a lie. I have one. My friend Jenny’s, but that’s because I like the wording and I plan on stealing it.)

At first I was going to put my printer to work, which would cost me about $50 for two packages of those printer-ready invitation kits. Postage will run between $70 and $80 depending on how heavy those invitations come out to be. That’s not to mention the ink I’m going to have to buy to print all these things.

I was pretty set on this route until I got my sister to do my engagement announcements. I gave her some wording, told her to make it “beachy” and this was the final result. I think it took her all of like an hour. Unfortunately, she did such a great job that she may have just given herself some more work.

The announcements cost about $62. I printed them at Walmart for 9 cents a copy for a total of about $11. Envelopes were $15 at Staples and four books of stamps was about $36, though I realized I only needed three.

To do something similar, we’re looking at $150.

  • 80 invitations at 58 cents a card (because 5×7 is six times the cost of a 4×6)
  • Box of large envelopes – $15 for 100
  • Box of small reply envelopes – $10 for 100
  • Round trip postage – $72

$150 for one-of-a-kind invitations ain’t so bad and they’re just a wee bit more classy than sending out an evite.

My next decision: eRSVP or paperRSVP. Stay tuned.

Did you go DIY with your wedding invitations or did you purchase them from a vendor? Thoughts? Regrets?


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