Dream Dress

On the totem pole of wedding fashion, David’s Bridal can be found way down at the bottom , while world renowned designer Vera Wang is chillin’ up top in the fresh air. These two wedding worlds have merged and Vera Wang debuted her new line for David’s Bridal on the Sept. 17 episode of the Oprah Show.

Vera Wang debuted her new line for David's Bridal on The Oprah Show last week.

I’ve only seen a Vera Wang dress in person once and it was on the body of my gorgeous cousin Sandi. She looked stunning. As beautiful as Sandi looked it was her own beauty and sheer joy that made the dress look spectacular on her. My friend Veronica purchased  her dress at David’s Bridal and her entire ensemble cost one tenth of the Vera number. Veronica looked equally as beautiful on her wedding day.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not much for high fashion. I appreciate good quality workmanship and fabrics, but I’m not 100 percent convinced that the higher price means a higher quality product. I guess the reason why one of Vera’s dresses trumps something at David’s Bridal is just lost on me. That’s not to minimize her work as her dresses are beautiful, but  unlike the girls on Oprah’s show, I’ve never dreamed of wearing one of her pieces. Considering my budget, a free gown would have freed up about $700 that I could use toward something else. I wouldn’t turn it down.

If you have, then I think it’s great that she’s now offering a line at a more affordable price. While I might not understand that dream, who am I to say that it’s wrong?

The only designer I ever wanted to wear was Mae Monti. She was my grandmother and Liz Claiborne’s head seamstress. Six months before Chuck and I would even meet, I asked her to make my wedding dress.

“Oh no…I’ll just buy you one,” she said.

I cried and told her it would mean more if she made it. She told me to get a pattern and one day when the weather wasn’t too hot or too cold, we would make a rough copy and then go into Manhattan to buy some fabric. She passed away almost a year later and the dress was never made.

While I was never big on designers, I’m assuming that’s why I couldn’t care less  about where the dress comes from. I could make plenty of arguments about how it’s stupid to spend that much on a dress that you wear only once, or shallow that you have to wear a particular brand, but it’s your wedding and your dream dress. As long as I don’t have to pay for it, you should get the dress that would make you happy not matter where it comes from or who designed it.

I can’t wear my dream dress, but a cheap gown from a mass market bridal salon is a perfectly acceptable alternative in my book.


2 thoughts on “Dream Dress

  1. There is nothing wrong with inexpensive. I have been trying inexpensive my whole life. It wasn’t till recently I splurged on a pair of Harley Davidson riding boots that cost with free shipping 120.00. It took me 8 months to decide and a wide search but I finally realized that I couldn’t stand to wear the really hot looking boots I bought on clearance for $50.00 that literally killed my feet. Of course they were made in china and one of my students gave me a gift card so I said why not? well they are sitting in my closet and even though the Harley boots are made in china, which I didn’t know before they arrived in the mail, they are extremely comfortable and I wear the often. The point is, “cheap” is not bad all the time and is good for the sole, ha ha no pun intended… I bought my wedding dress for under $500.00 and I loved it. I did look high and low but I got it on a clearance rack at a local bridal store and the fact is, It served it’s purpose. After our wedding, I lent it to my best friend Joanne who used it in an off Broadway play where she played a bride. Now on October 31 it hangs off a tree in an attempt to perpetrate a ghost bride on Halloween. The point is, a dress is a dress and you’ll never look at it as a treasured masterpiece cause nana didn’t make it. Get something that looks hot for a fraction of the price. As long as it’s comfortable and you like the way it looks, it will serve it’s purpose and not break the bank. Be happy and do it your way, just what ever you do, do not spend your wedding day worrying about breaking the bank. Weddings are expensive but it’s not worth it if you will not enjoy your day. Love Aunt Jo

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