Planning Solo

Aside from the people we work with, Chuck and I know a total of five people here in North Carolina. We knew when we made the decision to move, we’d be alone.

Since I left my friends up in New York, I’m left to do most of my planning alone. Don’t get me wrong, Chuck has been pretty involved as far as grooms go, but I know he could care less about the minor details.

Yesterday I found myself talking to him about color scheme. I told him that while I’m planning to use blue and yellow, I really don’t care about the color as long as it’s summery. If my bridesmaids don’t look good in blue or yellow, but find they look awesome in pink, then sure, let’s have a tropical pink wedding.

He nodded and smiled because he’s just amazing like that, but I know that he doesn’t really care what color my bridesmaids wear.

A few minutes later I apologized for always talking about the stupid details of our wedding. The fact is, I don’t really have anyone else to discuss them with. Sure, I email and gchat with my friends and bridesmaids, but it’s not the same as getting a cup of coffee and pouring over a bridal magazine. I also can’t make plans to swing into a bridal salon to sift through potential dresses or try on different head pieces. I guess I could do it alone, but not having someone that shares in your wedding giddiness is kind of depressing.

Chuck is definitely excited and I appreciate his involvement, but I’m not sure how long he’ll be able to stand me talking about invitation fonts.


2 thoughts on “Planning Solo

  1. Until more recently, it was like that for me too, even though I do have a couple of bridesmaids in the area. We’re all just so busy and there was some major family/money drama for most of the time. Can you afford to hire a planner? I was able to get one for a really good price and it really helps. GL!

    • Thanks! Even if I were in the area it may still be hard to get together with friends and especially some of my bridesmaids who live over an hour away, but it would be a little easier. Unfortunately, we don’t have money to hire a planner, but the actual planning hasn’t been as hard as I thought. Just kinda lonely. Thanks for reading and your advice!

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