All Dressed in White

While I’ve embraced this new-fangled do-hicky called the internet, I still enjoy flipping through a good, old-fashioned bridal magazine or catalog. So, while Chuck whined in the passenger seat, I made our way to David’s Bridal so I could get a catalog.

“But all this stuff is online now,” he said.

One of the "under budget" dresses I want to try on.

“I know, but I want to get a catalog anyway.”

I was thrilled to find that most of the dresses that caught my eye are under $500. It’s probably because they aren’t fluffy ballgowns and are fairly simple. So money-wise, my stress level is at a low. Dress under budget, alterations bringing it to budget, especially if – fingers crossed – I lose a ton of weight and have to get it taken in a few sizes. Or, better yet, have to buy a new one all together. If that was the case, screw budget, let’s buy another dress.

With my great aunt’s 90th birthday party taking place in October, my parents are footing the bill for me to fly up to join the festivities (stay tuned for blog about how I feel like crap being almost 30 and still financially dependent on my parents). My mother also pointed out that my next scheduled trip north would be Christmas, which gave me absolutely no time to run any wedding errands.

While I know I’ll be swinging by the ceremony and reception venue, it took me a while to decide to also do some dress shopping, or dress looking I should say. The sales tax in North Carolina is a few percent cheaper than NY so I’ll be saving a bit of cash. Since I’m buying off the rack, I’d also have to lug that thing home and I doubt it’ll count as carry on.

Being that I’m so concerned about my weight, I was hoping to give myself a few more months to let all those walks I’ve been taking do their trick, but realistically, I’m not sure when I’d be back after the holidays are over. I’m sure I’ll be flying north for a bridal shower/bachelorette party (ladies, if you could throw them both on the same weekend, that would be super) but with those typically happening only a couple of months before the wedding, I think I’ll be cutting it a little close.

With a little less than a month before I hop on a plane back to Islip, maybe I should stop eating fruit snacks and do another lap around the lake.


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