Charitable Favor

Last night I finally got a chance to see The Cove, the documentary about the killing of tens of thousands of dolphins in a rural town in Japan. The film won an Oscar for best documentary in 2009 and I rarely watch anything that’s won an Oscar.

It’s incredibly well done and as a journalist I appreciate the investigative aspect of the film. I was utterly horrified at what I saw. I have loved dolphins since I was a child and had my life taken a different path, I would be somewhere in the middle of the ocean studying them. After watching the film I thought, “Well, I know where our wedding donation is headed.”


I decided a long time ago that I would make a charitable donation in lieu of a physical wedding favor. Very rarely are the favors I’ve received been useful. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, like the glass coaster  I’m using right now, the ice cream scoop that worked better than anything bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the sandcastle candle holder that looks great on my mantle.

I’ve been back and forth as to which charity I was going to make this donation.

I considered the Breast Cancer Foundation as my grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. She is no longer with us, but it wasn’t the cancer that killed her. As a woman and as the granddaughter of a survivor this is an important cause to me, but I think about the millions of dollars that are poured into this foundation every day. My tiny donation would be a drop in the bucket, whereas I could donate to a smaller organization and it could really make a difference.

Now two years old, we took Puppidawg in when she was just 14 weeks. She had fleas, worms and an eye infection. She may have never lived.

Call me a crazy cat lady, but if I sometimes think about opening a shelter for stray and abandoned cats. My first cat was a stray that we took in and I loved her for 13 years. Puppidawg, the cat that Chuck and I have together out of wedlock was a stray that as a 14-week old baby was living behind the dumpster of his apartment building living on the good will of a neighbor who fed them. Stray cats are a hot button topic for most people. Either you’re a supporter, like me, or you want them far, far away from your property. Chuck and I considered giving our donation to a shelter that has a Trap Neuter Release program. It really is the only way to control the stray population and keep kittens, like Puppidawg’s litter mates, from having a hard life outside.

There’s millions of other charities or causes I could give our money to. I guess the question becomes, how do you decide?


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