15 Minutes

For over two years I was the one doing the reporting. Now, it looks like I’m the one being reported on. I’ll admit, this is a bit scary for me.

I was interviewed by recent J-school grad Maria Jean Sullivan for this story for Sachem Patch. I think she did a great job, don’t you?

You can also catch my blog on GettingMarriedonLongIsland.com. Fellow wedding blogger, Claudia Copquin is a wedding industry vet who served as managing editor for Newsday’s Long Island Weddings for 10 years. She basically had my dream job.

Many thanks to Maria and Claudia for their kind words and for finding me interesting enough to feature in your online publications.

Even more thanks to my loyal readers who take the time to read my blog. Your feedback always makes me smile. Words can’t describe how much it means to me.




4 thoughts on “15 Minutes

  1. Awesome Blog! I just happen to see it on facebook and took a few minutes to read through it. You almost remind me of the move “julie and julie” or something like that. Obvious exception is that your planning a wedding and not making food, but that’s beside the point. Once again, Awesome Blog!

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