The Wish List

I read that you’re not suppose to make your registry too soon after you get engaged. It makes people think that you’re fishing for presents.

Since we’re not having an engagement party in order to save some money, we don’t expect to get any of these registry gifts until my bridal shower sometime in the spring. Truth be told we have a lot of the stuff we already need so our registry is filled mostly with stuff we want, but don’t really need. Or upgraded stuff that is getting to the end of its lifespan (ie sheets so worn they have holes) I guess that’s the point of the wish list.

Seriously? What the hell are we going to do with this snow cone maker?

It went well at first while we were in the kitchen section, but by the time we rounded the store to the bath department, I was pretty tired and bored. I heard plenty of stories of brides going gun happy and scanning expensive china, vacuum cleaners and over-priced measuring spoons. In my case, it was Chuck who began scanning things that we clearly didn’t need. I made the mistake of leaving him alone for five minutes as I wandered into another department. The stupid grin on his face when he caught up with me gave away his guilty conscience and he admitted to me he just scanned a snow cone maker. Later that night when we got home I checked the list online and found an ice cream maker.

“Did you register for an ice cream maker?” I ask.

“Surprise!” said Chuck, that stupid grin returning to his face.

I guess our registry is no more ridiculous than all the other registries that I’ve shopped from. Instead of $100 place settings, we have a $50 deep fryer. Instead of 400 towels, we have $80 ice cream maker.

Personally, I’d rather register to take donations to pay for this wedding.


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