Long Distance Friendship

Last Thursday night, after a two hour nap, Chuck and I packed up the car and began a 12-hour long road trip to Toledo, OH. It wold be my first time in the state where one of my longtime friends lived.

The ride was rough as we were both exhausted and had to drive through the mountains, which were covered in fog. We made it, with just enough time for lunch, a shower and a quick nap before heading to my friend’s wedding rehearsal.

Friends since we were 14, but were never in the same room together until now.

I had met my friend Jenny through the AOL chat rooms about 13 years ago when we were both teenagers and both obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. She was a Brian fan and I was a Nick fan so there were no heated conflicts over who would marry either band member first.

As we got older, we continued to keep in touch sharing with each other the highs and lows of our life – jobs, boys, friends, family, etc. Our friendship was like any other expect we couldn’t hang out and go shopping together. We often joked that the first time we’d ever hang out would be at each other’s weddings.

Well, last week there I was, the day before her wedding (to her boyfriend, Andy and not a Backstreet Boy, of course), meeting her for the first time. It was pretty awesome to be a part of her day considering how close are as friends but not in proximity. Her friends and family welcome Chuck and me with open arms making us feel like we were the kids who grew up next door.

I was happy we made the rehearsal because as I anticipated I didn’t get to talk to her too much on the actual day of the wedding. Chuck and I couldn’t stay too late since we planned to be up at 6am to get an early start to the long drive home. The next time I see her will be at my own wedding nine months from now.

Chuck and I are an online success story and I think a big part of my willingness to try the online dating thing was because I had already made lasting friendships with people through social networking. Jenny is one of a few girls from my AOL chat room days that I still keep in touch with. The internet brought me some great friends and eventually brought me a great guy.


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