i (need) Tunes

With most of our vendors getting checked off the list, there are only a few left to hire. While some are a must, others I can do without.

In the two months I’ve been engaged I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of having an iPod wedding. No offense to wedding DJs out there, but honestly what do you really do for the money we pay you? You have a computer, with an iTunes-like program and you, or most likely your computer, fades one dance hit into another. Then you’ve got your lights and that guy who runs around taking photos to put on those big TV screens and all that junk like sombreros, glow sticks and funny sunglasses.

I’ll be the first to admit that a DJ can make or break a party and I could just as easily argue why it’s beneficial to have a DJ, but I think giving you $1,500 to have your computer play music is a little much. It’s not that I have an issue with DJs, it’s just that I’m on a budget and I can’t afford your services. And the services you would give me for what I have budgeted would probably amount to an iPod wedding anyway.

Being that Chuck is a musician and his friends are musicians, I have access to equipment that is just as good as DJ equipment not to mention entire libraries of music. I don’t feel that bad about spending $200 on music downloads that I will have forever (or until my hard drive crashes and iTunes won’t let me redownload the song because of some crap about authorizing computers! DAMN YOU ITUNES!).

Well, who will EmCee you ask?

Please, let me introduce you to a number of my friends who are in the theater who fully enjoy being the center of attention. Namely my friend Alexis, who is one of the most dramatic people I know and was not only willing to be behind a mic at my wedding but almost saddened when I considered a DJ.

Planning a wedding on a tight budget is about priorities and knowing where those priorities stand. Music is a priority, but the person who presses “play” isn’t so Chuck and I decided this weekend to forgo the DJ and do an iPod wedding.

For many, I could see this being a debacle, but I’m sure my theater friends will make sure everyone is  on the dance floor no matter who’s pressing play.


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