Unleashing My Inner Bridezilla

I totally dig WE’s television show Bridezillas. Since season one, I’ve been watching these crazy bitches go psycho on their friends, families and future husbands. At the end of each episode I can’t help but wonder why the F these men show up at the end of the aisle.

While I am generally pretty laid back and low maintenance, I have the tendency to become incredibly overwhelmed. This can lead me to be become quite bitchy and most often this bitchiness is directed at my parents and significant other. Planning a wedding is overwhelming and couple that with low funds, I’m anticipating a few breakdowns.

This show never ceases to make me laugh. These girls are crazy!

That being said, you won’t see me going psycho over the colors of ribbons or something equally as petty.

I had a bridezilla moment the other day when Chuck relayed  to me a thought his mother had about my beach-side nuptials. If we have the ceremony on the sand, there might be people that can’t walk to the site.

“SO?” I thought, but didn’t say out loud. “I want to say my vows next to the ocean and that’s what I’m going to do, dammit!”

While those thoughts were going through my head, I just looked up at Chuck, sighed and said, “I guess we’ll just have to get married in the sand trap at the country club.”

My future mother-in-law brought up a valid point. The people she was directly referring to were Chuck’s elderly relatives and close family friends that would be invited. The statement also indirectly refers to my great aunts and uncles that are like grandparents to me. While my Uncle Dan seemed thrilled being able to don a comfortable pair of slacks and sneakers to my wedding, I couldn’t actually imagine him trekking 100 feet to the ocean without breaking a hip.

I compromised with myself and now I’m searching for venues on the bay or sound that we could possible hold our ceremony. We considered the Long Island Maritime Museum in Sayville for our reception site, but we were concerned about the weather. I’m now going to reach out to them just for the ceremony. I’ll do the same with a couple of other similar places before settling on a sand trap.

If I was one of those crazy girls featured on my favorite show, I wouldn’t a have given any regard to my elderly relatives and would have expected them to somehow get to their sandy seat so I could say my vows where I wanted. Incredibly selfish, sure, but I do give those girls credit for getting what they want. At least they never felt like they were settling.


We booked the Long Island Maritime Museum for our ceremony. Check out their info under the “Vendors” tab.


One thought on “Unleashing My Inner Bridezilla

  1. I would just like to state, under the guise of a friend who likes to see her friend get what she wants, that it is perfectly acceptable to have a smaller ceremony and a larger reception and in that case the people who you really are super close to are going to trek through the sand no matter what.

    Im just saying.

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