It’s the [Blank] or it’s Me

I’m convinced that one of the reasons why Chuck and I work is because we’re both cat people.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but I don’t know the first thing about raising one and when I was four I was almost attacked leaving me with a lingering fear.

When Chuck and I started dating I was thrilled to find out he had a cat. After three cat haters, I finally got someone on my animal level. My bliss soon turned to dismay when I realized that his cat is in fact the spawn of Satan.

In the year that Chuck lived in his apartment, I had more bloody scratches than I have ever had in my entire life owning cats. I’m not proud of it, but I’ve raised a hand to him and made contact on a number of frustrating occasions. He draws blood and gets a water bottle spritz to the face? I became so angry that sometimes I was brought to tears.

Chuck and I took in a stray kitten about six months into our relationship and she helps keep my sanity. While Puppidawg – yes, that’s her name – gets into plenty of mischief, she is sweet and good natured. I’m almost in love with her as I was my first cat, Precious, who was my best friend for 13 years.

Jameson has calmed down in the two and half years Chuck and I have been dating. For some time, Chuck was also convinced that the cat was evil, but now he’s “misunderstood.” I’ve tried to make peace with the cat that I will share my life with for the next 16 years, but it’s been a challenge.

Attempting to remove this kitty from the counter will result in meeting the wrath of Jameson's claws.

The problem with Jameson is if you protest anything he does, the claws come out.

Try to get him off a bed that you’re in the middle of making? SWIPE

Try to pull him out of cabinet you just opened to put a pot away? SWIPE

Try to get him off the kitchen counter that you’re about to cook on? SWIPE

Try to step over him as he lays in the middle of a doorway? SWIPE

Cesar Milian, the Dog Whisperer, would tell me it’s something wrong with my behavior. Well, maybe, but since he’s not the Cat Whisperer, I’m not really sure what to do.

I’ve never given Chuck the dreaded ultimatum, it’s the cat or it’s me. But, I can understand where frustrated girlfriends have been pushed to edge. It would just be stupid to throw away the greatest thing in my life because his cat is a grumpy old man. But, sometimes the thought of spending 16 years tiptoeing around a cat is somewhat depressing.

We all make compromises for love. One of mine is not accidently leaving the door open*.

*Editor’s Note: Honestly, I couldn’t. When Jameson’s antics began to anger Chuck so immensely that he considered throwing him outside with the strays, I was the one that told him  I’d break up with him for being so cold hearted.


2 thoughts on “It’s the [Blank] or it’s Me

  1. Reasons why Ariella will always be one of my favorite writers, because she has a clear voice.

    Exhibit A: My bliss soon turned to dismay when I realized that his cat is in fact the spawn of Satan.

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