Size Over Money

I used to tell my friends that I’m the type of girl that once she got engaged she’d be at the dress shop the next day. I’ve been engaged about two months and I have yet to step anywhere near a bridal boutique.

While money is the main source of concern for my wedding as a whole, I’m less than concerned with price when it comes to the most important dress of my life. My would-be dress has a tight budget, like everything else, but I’m fairly certain I can find what I want in my price range.

It’s the size I’m concerned about.

I've been in love with this dress for years.

The last time I bought the most important dress of my life was my senior year at Sachem North High School and it was for prom. Like most people, since high school I have gained an incredible amount of weight due to numerous factors including introduction to fast food, lack of exercise and lack of willpower.

While I am still the same size as America’s average woman, it’s not where I’m happy being. Prior to getting engaged I used to tell my friends, “When I get engaged I’ll be the most determined I’ve ever been.”

It wasn’t really a lie. I’m a natural procrastinator so I need deadlines. I bought that prom dress in February and by the end of May, I couldn’t zipper the back. For the next month, I ate well and swam after school every other day. By prom that zipper closed perfectly.

The next time I lost a lot of weight was when an ex-boyfriend of mine, who was in the military, headed overseas for six months. I hit the gym four times a week with my roommate Beka, lost 10 pounds and gained a good amount of muscle.

So, now I’m making baby steps to get where I want to be. I don’t eat out as often and avoid the cookie aisle at the grocery store. While it’s not a regular occurrence yet, Chuck and I take walks on the 2-mile trail around the lake. As I settle in I’m beginning to see my lifestyle change. Ironically, I’ve moved to one of the fattest states in the country, and I’ve lost a couple of pounds.

So long as I can keep making positive changes, eventually the only thing about my dress that I’ll be worried about is the price.


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