What’s in a Date?

The concept of setting your wedding date is pretty interesting to me.

The couple comes up with a time frame as to when they feel would be the perfect time to exchange marriage vows and host a giant party afterwards. When this time frame is is dependent on a number of factors including money, the availability of vacation time, school graduations (for those younger couples), the anniversaries of other married couples, the wedding dates of friends and the weather. Finally, they narrow that time frame down into a single day, or a few days for flexibility.

Chuck and I set the date for a June 4, 2011 reception at Trio.

To be honest with you, if it weren’t for my desire to have a huge celebration with my family, I could very easily plan to marry Chuck in a couple of months. Hell, in a couple of weeks. But having all my friends and family around is too important for me to give up.

Our date is set for June 4, 2011.

Setting our date was actually pretty difficult. I want to get married barefoot in the sand. So, in NY that means May thru September. May might be a little cooler, but September brings hurricanes. June thru August is too hot and the beaches are too busy.

Okay. May. What day?

Too early and it’s still chilly. Too late and you’re in the middle of Memorial Day weekend. Chuck and I tentatively decided on May 13 or 20. Both were Fridays. Friday, the 13th. Heh. Heh.  With 13 being a lucky number in Italy, I said go for it. Chuck wanted to “marinate” on the idea.

Ugh. OK. Marinate.

If we went through all that hell to figure out a date then why did we pick June 4 you ask?

May was booked.

Well, if we had to do June I wanted June 4 since it would be the anniversary of our engagement. Our “dating” anniversary is the fourth of February so maybe the number four works for us.

Couples put so much thought into their wedding date. We should. It’s one of the few important days we can actually plan for. We can’t plan the days we graduate college, have a baby or become grandparents. We pick days that mean something to us and take so many factors into consideration. We argue with our soon-to-be spouses and argue with our family. We discuss with friends and trusted confidants.

But, ultimately your venue has the final say. Funny, ain’t it?


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