Plans Quickly Change

On their tour of Long Island wedding venues, my parents stayed local and visited the restaurant at the Holbrook Country Club called Trio. Don’t let the “country club” scare you. It’s actually a public park and a public course. There’s nothing “country club” about it.

My parents discussed the reception with the catering manager and they found that we could have a Saturday afternoon affair within our $7,000 budget. May was booked, but June was free. My mom penciled us in for June 4, 2011, a year after our engagement.

After speaking to my mother, who was impressed with the restaurant’s flexibility and willingness to meet our needs on a budget, I started swaying in Holbrook’s direction. I had pretty much made up my mind that we would give this venue some serious thought, when I realized that by doing so, I’d be going back on everything that I said I wouldn’t be doing.

Now a concert hall, the Brush Barn was a location Chuck and I were considering for our reception.

None of our favorite foods would be served in an alternative space, like a historic barn or seaside museum. There was no longer an option to plug my computer into a sound system or buy wines from local vineyards (well, in all fairness, we can serve local wines for an extra $5 a head).

I couldn’t believe I had so quickly sacrificed everything that I had said I wanted. Truth be told, having your wedding in an alternative space isn’t necessarily cheaper when you have to plan for 150 people. A tent large enough to hold that many guests would run us about $1,100. That’s not counting the tables, chairs, linens, etc.

Many of the alternative spaces that I’d like to consider don’t hold that many people or have the resources necessary to keep food hot or cold. I’m sure no one would mind serving themselves, but I’d rather not be spending my wedding night cleaning up.

After a talking with Chuck about it, we found that neither of us really care about the reception. All we really want is a place to celebrate with family and friends. It wouldn’t matter if it’s in a tent or in a local restaurant as long as everyone was having a good time.

What is important to us is the ceremony and as long as I can say my vows with my sand between my toes, all the rest is fluff.


2 thoughts on “Plans Quickly Change

  1. I’m so glad I’ve stumbled on your blog because I’m in a very similar situation. My fiancee is from LI and I just moved up here 2 months ago. We’re trying to plan our wedding for 2012 but we’re very budget conscious because we’re trying to buy a house before then. We’re looking at having 150 people and I was just wondering what places you’ve looked at/are your top choices. I was kind of thinking of doing a clambake but it seems that the only places to do that are either out at the Hamptons or Long Beach and we’re right by McCarthur Airport so I’d rather not travel to either end. Just wanted to get some feedback. Thanks!

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