Mom and Dad: Wedding Planners?

This weekend my parents decided to take a drive around Long Island to check out prospective wedding reception venues on Chuck and my behalf. I wasn’t too sure how to react.

First, I was relieved that they decided to take the burden of the stress caused by choosing a venue. Traveling across Long Island looking for a place to hold a wedding for 150 people is a daunting task, but from 500 miles away it’s nearly impossible. My original plan was to do some researching here and cram all my venue visiting into some random weekend that I would be back in New York.

Then the sadness rolled in. I feel like I’ve just relinquished control of the most important day of my life and put it in the hands of my parents. I feel like in their desire to help ease the stress they’ve taken away the joy of planning.

In the end it makes me happy to see how much interest they have in planning my big day, especially my father. Like most Italian dads he has a funny way of showing he cares. He may not say “I love you” on a regular basis, but if taking a ride around Long Island makes your life a little bit easier, then he’s the first one in the car.

Supposedly my parents are going to a bridal showcase today for a tasting at one of the venues they checked out. So much for getting to enjoy some of the perks that comes with planning a wedding. I’m sure I’ll get the full report tonight, but in my mind, I’ve already nixed the place. With taxes and gratuity, their cheapest plan comes out to $80 a head. That’s $12,000 just for food.

That’s my whole budget.

Every day, eloping sounds like a better and better idea.


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