Capturing the Engagement

Chuck and I had plenty of witnesses when he proposed, but unfortunately he didn’t have the foresight to prepare anyone with a camera. My camera was in the car so we couldn’t even take an “after” photo.

Only a few of my friends have photos of their engagement. My friend Sabrina has video. Lucky girl. I was never quite sure of the purpose of professionally done engagement photos since they obviously don’t capture the actual engagement. I just knew all my friends had gotten them done so I had to get them too, right?

I asked Chuck about getting them done and he wasn’t super thrilled. He was only okay with taking photos when he was disgustingly underweight last summer. Like his fiance, he’s plagued with self-esteem issues caused by weight so it was the only time he felt confident enough to take pictures. I have to admit, I too am somewhat avoiding having photos taken because I don’t want be faced with how I look.

Like a good groom-to-be he agreed to get them done, but then I wondered “what do you do with them?” All my friends had engagement photos, but I can’t remember what they did with them aside from putting them up on a wall.

So, I posed the question on Facebook and got an overwhelming response. Most of my friends got them done because it came with the wedding package from their photographer. Some used the photos as save the dates and others used them to create a guest book at the wedding.

All said they wouldn’t get them done if they had to pay for it. My friend Veronica said it was a waste of time. A couple of friends responded that they didn’t get them done at all and didn’t feel like they missed out on anything.

The plus side to engagement photos is getting to work with the photographer before you big day. It’s an audition of sorts. If after working with your photographer, you decide you don’t like  him, there’s still time to back out and find someone new.

You also get comfortable getting in front of the camera, something that some couples may need.

Since Chuck and I aren’t going with a traditional wedding photographer, engagement photos would be an extra expense. Considering the response from my friends, I think we’re going to skip it all together and save ourselves the cash.

Thought, if anyone wants to offer their services for free to build up their portfolio, gimme a call!


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