Keepin’ it Classy

I’m David Tutera’s worst nightmare.

I’m the type of girl that is featured on his WE television show, My Fair Wedding. You know, the girl with the paper plates and Christmas-light decorations.

I’d like to think that I have more class than that, but then again, I think it would be a great idea to have an ugly Hawaiian T-shirt contest.

David Tutera is a wedding master

I’m sure the underlying reason why many brides sign up for that show is because they don’t have the money to plan the wedding of their dreams. So, they buy all this crap from the Oriental Trading magazine then make a You Tube video about how pathetic their wedding is going to be in hopes that David comes to save the day with his WE budget and Rolodex full of A-list vendors.

I can relate. If I had a money tree in the backyard, I’d take everyone to Bermuda to watch us say our vows on pink sand.  I don’t, so they’ll have to settle for Robert Moses State Park followed by a reception in an undecided location.

Some thoughts:


I’ve been to nearly 15 weddings over the course of my lifetime and I do not have one single invitation to show for it. Let’s be realistic, how many invitations have you kept? How long did you hold on to it before you threw it in the trash? The same people that carry reusable shopping bags are sending out wedding invitations that are in 15 pieces. Outer envelope, inner envelope, invitation, reply card, reply envelope, directions, reception invitation (if it’s not printed on the wedding invitation), more directions, the list is freaking endless!

My plan: As a lover of print – newspapers, books, magazines and the like – I’m not ready to give up on traditional invitations just yet. But, there’s no reason to spend so much on it. Those DIY invitation sets must have really taken off because there are some pretty awesome designs out there now. I’ll buy some ink and put my printer to work.


I think DJs add a lot to a party. They play great music and get the crowd on their feet. A DJ can make or break a party. I’ve encountered some great wedding music and some terrible wedding music. A lot has to do with the musical tastes of the couple. One couple I knew played only music released before 1980. I went to one wedding that didn’t have any dancing.

My plan: If we can find a DJ for a decent price then I’d like to hire someone to handle the music. If it’s not in the cards then we’ll buy $200 worth of new music and put someone in charge of pressing play at all the right moments.

Remember my theater friends? Well, you’ve got Alexis who loves to be the center of attention and thrives when there is a mic in her hand. If anyone can MC my party and get people moving’ it’s that girl.

Chuck is a musician and it wouldn’t be a party unless we scheduled his band, the Party Dragons for a set.


While I’m big on flowers that are planted in the ground, I think most flower arrangements are a waste of money. Sure they’re beautiful and really create a an ambiance that can’t be matched, but throwing down a couple of thousand bucks for something that’s going to die the next day doesn’t sit well with me.

My plan: Centerpieces will be a large votive filled with sand, a few shells and a candle. It’s not thrilling, but at least it can be used over again.

As beautiful as this piece of art is, to me, it's money not worth spending.


I’m a journalist by trade and spent the past two years using photos to enhance and tell a story. Of all people, I understand the importance of a good photographer. What I don’t understand are all those stupid fake poses wedding photographers put you in. I’ve had gripes against this practice ever since I went to my cousin’s wedding and she and her husband faked a run out of the church for photo’s sake. I’d much rather  a photojournalistic take.

My plan: I’ve already asked a friend and former photo editor to shoot my wedding. He said he’d take the job so long as he’s in the state. He left his editor gig to join the coast guard and is scheduled to head to boot camp after his wedding, which is two months before mine. Knowing the military he won’t actually go anywhere until May 2012, but I can’t take the risk.

I’m now looking for someone who I can pay to take thousands of photos and throw them on a disk. No editing, no printing and no album making. And Andrew, if you’re reading this, I still want you to shoot my wedding. I’ll just hire you as a second photographer : )


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